Creating A GitHub Profile

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Creating A GitHub Profile

AnkitDroidGit/AnkitDroidGit is now a special repository: its will appear on your profile!

GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile README to display prominently on their GitHub profile.

This write-up explains how to access this new feature and create your own special repository.

Let’s Start !!

The profile README is created by creating a new repository with the same name as your username.

Let's understand with my example:

My GitHub username is AnkitDroidGit so I created a new repository with the name AnkitDroidGit.

Note: new repository name must match (including letter case) your GitHub username.

Let's follow the steps

I modified and committed my secret repo. That's how it looks currently.

Please follow my profile at and provide your feedback and suggestions.


According to

A README is a crucial but basic way of documenting your project. While every project should at least have a README, more involved ones can also benefit from a wiki or a dedicated documentation website.

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